Rezzil franchise owners, known as RSPs, offer players, coaches, league owners and club managers access to a cutting-edge, proprietary soccer training and cognitive development tool that uses virtual and augmented reality.

Our platform creates drills, assessments and enhances training, speeding up both skill building and recovery from an injury for soccer players of all ages, both student athletes and professionals.

Many of our clients are accessing the Rezzil platform to help focus their elite players to grow and add skills faster than they would without Rezzil’s unique insights. For the injured players, they are able to maintain skills during rehab and measure recovery thereby reducing time between injury and full return to play.


Take your passion for soccer and elite player training to the next level with Rezzil’s cutting edge AI and VR tools. 

Franchise owners are able to develop the territory serving league managers, club owners, coaches and individual players with training on site, in house or at retail host locations. 

As former players and soccer dads, our founders are excited to offer this one of a kind franchise opportunity nationwide with a low investment and quick start up.

Access to the latest technology in sports training and cognitive development tools using virtual and augmented reality – no one else has these systems and our nationwide referral relationships offer owners access to market introductions from day one. 

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