Christian Barsanti

Operations Director / Co-Owner

Christian started his career in finance more than 25 years ago. Working for several large financial firms such as Goldman Sachs and Prudential Investment Management, he learned to lead teams globally with a strategic mindset.

In 2016 he transferred his skill set to the medical industry before partnering with Brendan O’Shea and Rezzil. The brand’s headquarters is located in Manchester, England and the two teamed up to bring Rezzil to the US market. Taking on the challenge to expand Rezzil was an easy one for Christian as it fulfilled several professional goals: the ability to work with a product that is elite and cutting edge, and to work both in sports and technology.  Christian’s responsibilities include driving the integration of Rezzil into the North American Market.  He lives in Northern NJ with his wife and two daughters.

Brendan O’Shea

Business Development / Co-Owner

Brendan O’Shea has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years. His broad corporate experience includes sales positions at Xerox, Coors, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Ultimately Brendan helped create a distribution business and with that success, was able to start a venture capital company working in technology. He has successfully built and launched several brands and working together with Christian on Rezzil was a great opportunity to introduce this great technology to the US market. Brendan lives in Northern NJ with his wife and two sons.  

Kevin Grogan

Marketing Director

Famed Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson described Kevin and his abilities by saying “Not only was he technically a gifted player, he had a great awareness when on the field of play”.  

Kevin joined the US based Rezzil franchise team in 2019 after more than 20 years in the “beautiful” game of soccer. His experiences on the field include playing professionally, as well as a coach and technical director. Kevin also has experience in media as a co-commentator for radio, as a writer and hosting a podcast called the Hairdryer Treatment. A native or Ireland, Kevin now makes his home in New York City and continues to be active in the sports industry.  

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